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Faith Forward Future - Chad Veach (ENGLISH)

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Are you disappointed with your life? Do you feel like you'll never accomplish anything remarkable? Fear not : you are in the perfect place for God to enter with his plan! In fact, your disappoinments and failures are merely minor setbacks preceding a major comeback.

In Faith Forward Future, Chad Veach presents the proof that God has always known you, has always cared, and is waiting to give you his better dream for your life. When you hear his words and release your broken dreams, you'll receive all that God has in store and be enabled to reach your best possible tomorrow. With powerful Bible teaching and practical guidance, Veach invites you to
- stop limiting tomorrow's possibilities by learning how to ask God for big things today,
- dismiss the distractions of regret by being empowered to use your past for good, and
- redefine success by joining God in writing the remarkable story of your life!

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