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7 Secrets To An Awesome Marriage - Kim Kimberling, PhD (ENGLISH)

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How to develop an enduring, beautiful marriage In Seven Secret Steps?
You do not have to settle for average or below average. You deserve an awesome marriage. And once you learn the seven secrets outlined by Dr. Kim Kimberling in this book, the communication and intimacy you crave in your marriage can be yours.
- Secret Number 1 : STOP
- Secret Number 2 : START
- Secret Number 3 : CONNECT
- Secret Number 4 : ENGAGE
- Secret Number 5 : BALANCE
- Secret Number 6 : MINGLE
- Secret Number 7 : FIGHT

The secrets are in a certain order for a reason. They are foundational building blocks that will enrich your marriage and draw you and your spouse closer to each other and to God as you connect, resolve conflict, find balance in all areas of your lives, and take your sex life to a new level.

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