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Watershed Moments (Turning Points That Change The Course Of Our Lives) - Gari Meacham

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Recognizing the Moments that Will Change You Forever Our lives progress moment by moment. Woven together, these slivers of time shape our present. But what if one single moment changed everything about you from that second on? Starting from a place of desperate hope, marked by a longing for some new and freeing adventure, watershed moments are the turning points in our lives. A new direction. A fresh perspective. An answered prayer. A humble surrender. An instance that redirects us and leaves us profoundly changed. Through a progression of seven types of watershed moments — change, awareness, restoration, control, approval, fighting evil, and belief — Gari Meacham portrays life as a series of moments in which we can either face up to or turn away from change. Peering into the lives of David, Rebekah, Jacob, Rachel, Deborah, Nehemiah, Peter, and many more, as well as through the personal watershed moments in her life and the lives of several women who have written their own stories, Gari offers a bold invitation to pay attention to the revelations God gives us in a single moment of time. It’s at these watershed moments, Gari says, that you declare, “I can’t go back. I won’t go back. This moment will change me forever.”

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