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Lead Small - Reggie Joiner & Tom Shefchunas (ENGLISH)

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Many churches purchase dozens of Lead Small books to give to their small group leaders each fall. It's become THE training resource for equipping small group leaders and making them more effective.

Now is the time to get your supply! Give Lead Small to your small group leaders this summer or fall so they can be prepared with five key ideas for leading their small group.

Lead Small: Five Big Ideas Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know, by Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas, is full of both personal insight and practical advice. It clarifies the responsibilities of small group leaders of children and teenagers and delivers five proven strategies for leaders undertaking the big challenge of leading small:

• BE PRESENT… to connect their faith to a community
• CREATE A SAFE PLACE… to clarify their faith as they grow
• PARTNER WITH PARENTS… to nurture an everyday faith
• MAKE IT PERSONAL… to inspire their faith by your example
• MOVE THEM OUT… to engage their faith in a bigger story

Most small group leaders want to do something significant and are itching to make a difference. This is the book for them. Because when we lead small, we make a big impact on the faith of the next generation.

Lead Small is the companion volume to When Relationships Matter, a guide for building a small-group culture in your church. When Relationships Matter is written especially for leaders of volunteers.

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