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Your Best Us (Marriage is Easier Than You Think) - Ted Lowe (ENGLISH)

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How's your US?

You and your spouse are unique. There has never been another US just like the two of you. You may be thinking ... ahh we are like a marital snowflake, how romantic. Or maybe you're thinking ... thank God there is not another couple like US because we are a hot mess!

No matter where you currently find your US, you can experience more moments of awesome and less moments of awful. And it's easier than you think. Your US can become more. Not some cookie cutter, clone version of someone else's marriage, but the best version of your US.

Through humor, transparency, biblical wisdom, research, and a massive amount of practicality, Ted Lowe guides you through four, doable, easy to understand habits that will help you become your best us.

Your Best Us (written by Ted Lowe) is for anyone who wants a better marriage—even a great one—but feels overwhelmed by too many marriage books, blogs, and experts that make marriage harder than it has to be.

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