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Starting Now - Crystal Chiang & Gerald Fadayomi (ENGLISH)

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Successfully navigating life’s transitions requires, among other things, wisdom and confidence. That’s because transitions can be hard, and certainly the transition from high school to college is a big one. Where do students begin when it comes to handling such a huge life change? What do they do when their confidence falters? How do they handle the inevitable failures, disappointments, and freedom that comes with the beginning of adult life?

In Starting Now, Crystal Chiang and Gerald Fadayomi speak directly to students in their first year of college, a transition which can be both exciting and terrifying. This interactive guide helps students think through not what they want to do in college, but who they want to be.

Inside students will find …

Six weeks of thought-provoking ideas related to community, identity, faith, integrity, freedom, and service.
Five devotions per week, followed by a “starting now” activity to use as a plan-maker for their future or a reminder of what God says is true about them.

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